The dual HDMI outputs on the BDP-103AU and BDP-105AU allow the player to output 3D video content via HDMI Out 1 to a television and audio content via HDMI Out 2 to a non-3D capable AV receiver. In some cases, when viewing 3D Blu-ray Discs, video will output without issue, but the player will be unable to output audio to the AV receiver. Luckily, there is a relatively easy fix.

  1. Ensure that the player is updated to the latest firmware version. If the player is connected to the Internet, you can check for a firmware update by going to Setup Menu / Device Setup / Firmware Upgrade / Via Network. Otherwise, click here for firmware update options.
  2. Once the player is updated to the latest firmware version, go to Setup Menu / Video Setup / 3D Setting and set Blank HDMI 2 to Yes.
  3. Play the problematic disc again. You should have both audio and video at this point.