HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) discs can offer expanded dynamic range and improved audio resolution over traditional compact discs.

By default, HDCD decoding is disabled. You can enable HDCD Decoding from the Audio Format Setup menu:

1. Go to the Setup Menu and then Audio Format Setup.

2. Select HDCD Decoding and set it to On.

If you are using analogue outputs for audio, you will want to ensure that HDCD Decoding is set to On. If you are using any of the digital audio outputs (HDMI, optical, or coaxial) whether or not you enable HDCD Decoding will depend on whether your receiver is capable of performing HDCD decoding on its own.

If your receiver cannot decode HDCD audio, set HDCD Decoding to On in the player. If your receiver can decode HDCD audio, set HDCD Decoding to Off in the player. In some cases, having HDCD Decoding enabled in both the player and receiver may result in occasional popping or crackling sounds due to HDCD being decoded twice.