This release is still a beta test version, not an official release. Use it only if you would like to experiment with the new features and improvements. There is a very small chance of the new features and improvements not working properly. If that happens, please report any issue to us.


Release Notes:

This release is for the OPPO BDP10x Blu-ray Disc Players

Release date: January 13th, 2017.
Category: Latest BETA Release

Main Version: BDP10XAU-80-1031 - DOWNLOAD HERE

Checking Your Current Firmware Version

To check the firmware version installed on your player, please go to the Setup Menu and select "Device Setup -> Firmware Information"

Special Notice:

  1. Once this Public Beta firmware is installed on the player, you can revert back to the previous Official release via a USB thumb drive. There will be no issues upgrading to any future official or beta firmware release.


Comparing to the current Official release version BDP10XAU-80-1031, the major changes included in this version are:

  1. Resolved a no audio issue when connecting via HDMI Out 1 into VIZIO P-series 4K TVs.
  2. Resolved a disc loading issue with the “A Walk in the Woods” Blu-ray Disc.
  3. Resolved a playback issue where certain ALAC files would produce static noise.
  4. Resolved an issue where the player would sometimes lock up when receiving the RS-232 command to launch VUDU.
  5. Resolved an issue where HDMI Out 2 would sometimes output RGB regardless of the HDMI Out 2 color space settings.
  6. Resolved an HDMI audio dropout issue that could occur when playing Blu-ray titles with a duration longer than three hours, such as Schindler’s List.
  7. Resolved an issue where subtitles would sometimes randomly repeat when playing MKV files with embedded PGS subtitles.
  8. Restored the ability to bitstream Dolby TrueHD audio tracks in MKV files when HDMI Audio is set to Bitstream. If you encounter a no audio issue when playing MKV files, we recommend setting the player’s HDMI Audio setting to Auto (Default) to force the player to output LPCM.
  9. Improved compatibility with WAV files using ID3 tags.

Additionally, this beta firmware will also address the following:

  1. Resolved an issue with gapless playback.
  2. Resolved a no audio issue with certain receivers when playing DD+ 5.1 content from Netflix and Vudu.
  3. Resolved an issue where the player would automatically power off when receiving commands via a TCP connection.
  4. General disc compatibility improvements based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples.

All features and improvements of the previous firmware are also included in this version.

Upgrade Instructions

How to Get the Firmware Upgrade:

1. USB Thumb Drive - Use your computer and a USB thumb drive. This is the only way to access the beta firmware at this time.

Firmware Upgrade via a USB Thumb Drive

  1. Click here to download the ZIP file for firmware version: BDP10XAU-83-1226B.
  2. You will need to extract the .zip file to create the BDP10XAU-83-1226B.bin file
  3. Insert a USB thumb drive into the computer that was used to download the BDP10XAU-83-1226B.bin file. Copy the BDP10XAU-83-1226B.bin file to the root/main directory of the USB drive. If the file is placed into a folder on the drive, the player will not be able to detect it.
  4. Remove the USB drive from the computer.
  5. Turn on your OPPO player and other associated equipment (display, AV receiver, etc.). Ensure there is no disc in the player and that no USB device is connected to the player.
  6. Insert the USB drive containing the firmware file into a USB port on the player's front or back panel.
  7. The player will automatically start searching for the new firmware from the USB drive and prompt you to start the firmware upgrade. (If you are not automatically prompted to upgrade, go to the Setup Menuand select Firmware Upgrade / Via USB in the Device Setup menu
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to begin the firmware upgrade. The video output will be temporarily disabled once the upgrade is in progress. During this time, the front panel display of the player will show “UPGRADING”
  10. After the upgrade is complete, the unit will turn itself off and then back on again.
  11. Check the new firmware version by going to the Setup Menu, and then select Device Setup / Firmware Information. If you notice that the firmware versions displayed do not match the versions listed in this release note, please try another method or contact us.
  12. We recommend resetting the player to factory defaults after upgrading the firmware. You can do so by going to the Setup Menu / Device Setup / Reset Factory Defaults. Re-enter your customised settings as necessary after resetting.
  13. Congratulations! The firmware upgrade is complete.