The second zone feature requires either an external amplifier to power the speakers in this zone, or if your Rotel receiver offers an amplifier redirect feature, the redirected amplifiers can be used instead. 

The second zone can only be used with analogue signal sources. 

There are several different ways to control the remote zone on your Rotel product – from the front panel of the unit, via the remote control, using an external IR remote system, or using an RS-232 based control system.

An overview of the various options is provided below, but your authorised dealer would be the best contact for detailed information on this topic to help determine which method would work best for your application. 

The zone can be controlled from the front panel of most Rotel products by pressing the ZONE button followed by adjusting the volume or input source. 

One method of controlling the remote zone would involve using the rear 3.5mm IR input labeled ZONE REMOTE IN. This requires the use of an IR repeater system such as those made by custom installation manufacturers. This system will allow control of the second zone using a remote in the second zone or an IR-based keypad in the zone. 

The final method used for control of the zone is an RS232-based control system. These systems offer full system automation and often can be programmed to provide detailed feedback such as what the current volume and input the zone is in. This type of control system does require extensive programming, and once again, your authorised Rotel dealer would be the best resource for more information.