The OPPO MediaControlHD app turns your iPad into a remote that provides complete control over your OPPO Blu-ray player. The app is able to browse media libraries, control playback of media files, and even turn the player on and off. The app can be downloaded from the iOS app store directly from your iPad or iPad Mini. Alternatively, you can download the application through iTunes on your computer via this link:


1. This application will only work with players that have a supported firmware version installed (BDP10x-51-0506B or later). The latest firmware can be downloaded here.

2. The following conditions must be met in order for the application to wake the player from standby mode: the player’s wireless adapter must be connected to the player’s rear USB 1 port OR the player must be connected to your network via wired Ethernet, and the player must have “Quick Start” mode selected under Setup Menu / Device Setup / Standby Mode.

3. Currently, the application can only access files from drives that are physically attached to the player via USB.

1. Previous File: Allows you to play the previous file in the folder.

2. Pause: Allows you to pause playback.

3. Stop: Allows you to stop playback.

4. Next File: Allows you to play the next file in the folder.

5. More Info: Displays the title of the media file currently playing and an icon designating content type. Selecting the icon will provide you with additional information about the media file.

6. Shuffle / Random: Allows you to toggle between Shuffle, Random, and Normal playback.

7. Repeat: Allows you to toggle between Repeat Single Track, Repeat All, and Normal playback.

8. Settings: Allows you to select subtitles and alternate audio tracks for video files. Allows you to adjust the slideshow speed and transition effect when viewing image files.

9. Progress Indicator: Displays the progress of the media file currently playing. You can navigate to a particular point in the file by dragging the circular progress indicator along the progress bar.

10. Volume Control: Controls the volume output from the player. This will only affect the volume level of the analogue audio outputs.

11. Refresh: Has the application search for newly connected USB devices.

12. Device List: Lists the various connected devices that the application has detected.

13. Current Folder: Displays your current location on the drive.

14. Search: Performs a search for content on the drive you have selected. The search will only be performed within the folder in which you currently reside. If you want to search the entire drive, you will need to perform the search at the root directory of the drive.

15. Main View: Lists the various files / folders present on the connected drive.

16. About: Provides the current version number of the application.

17: Device Selection: Allows you to select which OPPO player you want to connect to. This is useful if you have multiple players in your home. You can edit the name for each of your OPPO players by navigating to Setup Menu / Network Setup / Player Name.

18. Power Button: Allows you to power off the player.

19. Remote Control: Displays a fully-functional on-screen version of the OPPO remote control.